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Purity in communication

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33 Holdings


UI Design


Kochi, India


Corporate Company

The Project

The prestigious name 33 Holdings itself inspires us to create an e-project that is stunning, beautiful, and simple to use in a way that anyone would want to see. We are honoured to be able to provide fuel to a business group that still has a long way to go. We want this business to be the best in the world at everything it does.


  • Use Minimal colour palette, and a never-change identity

  • Should be user-friendly without losing data

  • Must be a simple and elegant look.

Our Approach

We listened to the client’s concerns without compromising the integrity of the data. We worked with them to gain a better understanding of their business and created an amazing UI/UX for them.

Purity in communication

+91 7902 615 916