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Corporate identity design


Calicut, India


IT Sector

The Project

Its brand identity is the most important factor in a business that needs to be marked in the long run. On the long road ahead, Magnus Kart needed a brand identity that never lost its novelty. Therefore, we have built a sustainable, innovative brand identity in a very simple and noble way.

The philosophy behind the logo is to add happiness to your cart. The logo consists of the letter ‘M’, which can be a symbol for our title ‘Magnus Cart’ and the logo also emblematizes a cart or a dolly. The idea is to make people believe that ‘Through Magnus Carts, they can acquire the happiness they want.

The thrill we found with the Magnus Cart was that, unlike other home delivery brands, we were able to find the best.


Create an innovative, vibrant brand identity that stands out among diverse brands that belong to home delivery and local delivery.

Inclusion of a brand story behind the logo 

Our Approach

Make a memorable logo that is simple and relatable to the brand name. It should not be complicated to explain the story behind the brand.

Purity in communication

+91 7902 615 916